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Your goals drive our support for you

You are unique – and so are your goals

But before we get to your goals, we ensure that you’re able to find your way around the NDIS system. To find information. To understand your rights and responsibilities. To know that you make the choices that will work best for you.      

Now we need to understand your goals – where you want to be and what you want to do. So we ask questions to discover what’s important in your life. What are your aspirations. You’re unique –and so are your goals.

When we know where you want to go, we can work with you to find the best way to get you there.


We work with you in many ways so you can make the right choices

Your NDIS plan is the beginning of you making the choices that work best for you

We understand your goals and aspirations. Now we can get down to the business of exploring what’s possible so you can make the best choices for you. We get some action happening.

You need to know what services are available to you. With our knowledge and expertise we can source and connect you to local resources and services. These can be community-based. They can be specialist services. They can be mainstream services. It all depends on what will work best for you. We can source and recommend. But it’s always your choice. And we support you in your choices so that you have control in your life.

We support you to take control

Taking control of your NDIS plan can take courage

Taking control of your NDIS plan can take courage at first. But the sense of responsibility it brings can make you feel very proud.

But if you face some crisis, or a particularly challenging time, and require some experienced support to enable you to stay in control, we’re here for you. We’ll ensure your rights are respected. And we can link you to advocacy services if that’s the right way to go.

At each stage in your NDIS plan, our support coordinators ensure that you increasingly take control. That you grow and develop, and that you make your goals a reality.

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